Admissions Procedures 
Admissions to the school are the responsibility of the Local authority who commission places both pre and post 16. Initially families/carers are asked to make a without prejudice visit to the school to inform the decision making process. 
Once it is understood a special school placement may be one of the options available. This must be arranged directly with the local authority Special Educational Needs teams who will then request a place and send educational papers to the school to ensure that they can meet need and have capacity to admit. The SEN team will inform parents whether or not there is a place available. 
Numbers of students in school fluctuate both year to year and often mid-year. 
A student would normally have an Education Health and Care plan; which identifies a specific learning difficulty or disability (LDD) and the required level of educational and/or other support to meet that LDD and to meet the outcomes of the plan. 
In exceptional circumstances a place may be offered to a student undergoing the statutory assessment process. 
Following admission a student’s progress in regard to the education health and care plan is reviewed at least annually and as part of that process a review of placement can be made. 
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