Whole School Aims 
The vision 
To develop a school that is recognised and valued as a centre of excellence and equality. That works in partnership and builds relationships to be able to meet the needs of all our learners and prepare them for their individual futures. 
The Mission 
To create an inclusive community that develops the opportunities to release and build upon an individual’s personal, their social, emotional and academic potential to enrich their quality of life in an environment that is safe and secure with a climate that supports, celebrates and values the success, achievements and attainments of everyone. Where the challenge of diverse individual needs will be met by responsive and differentiated teaching to ensure all are able to access, participate and achieve through what is offered. 
we want our students to make progress and develop through:- 
Being Safe 
Being Healthy 
Enjoying and Achieving 
Making a Positive Contribution 
Having Economic Well-being 
‘I will feel safe from harm and feel secure and protected from bullying and discrimination, be cared for and have my individual needs met’ 
‘I will be physically, mentally, emotionally and sexually healthy and encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle’ 
‘I will attend, enjoy and achieve in my social, emotional, academic and personal learning’ 
‘I will have choices, make decisions with confidence, behave appropriately and engage in my rights and responsibilities within clear boundaries and structures’ 
‘I will be prepared for whatever arena I find myself in once I have left school’ 
To be respected 
To have dignity 
To an  equal opportunity 
To be safe 
To feel secure 
To be included 
To have friends 
To be valued 
To be accepted as  unique 
To have honesty 
To my own space 
To privacy 
To counselling 
To confidentiality 
To learn about things that are unsafe 
To know who I can ask for help if I feel unsafe 
To have my basic needs met (food, warmth, clothing, shelter) 
To appreciate the wider outdoor environment 
To have a social life 
To learn about things that may cause me harm 
To know who I can ask for help if I do not feel healthy 
To be happy 
To be motivated 
To be valued 
To work with have approachable adults 
To be flexible 
To have consistency 
To have high quality facilities and resources 
To have my individual needs met 
To be allowed to learn 
To have access to a broad, balanced and fully differentiated curriculum 
To achieve 
To have fun and play 
To be praised and rewarded 
To be celebrated 
To have a voice 
To be listened to 
To have choices 
To be allowed to make choices 
To feel part of a larger community 
To be able to contribute 
To have challenges 
To have responsibilities 
To have rights 
To have influence 
To be confident 
To be allowed freedom 
To be allowed personal well being 
To be as independent as possible 
To compete 
To have opportunity 
Our Fundamental Principles 
An entitlement to a rich and stimulating curriculum 
Meeting individual need 
Offering high quality provision and teaching and learning 
Have high expectations 
We will maintain the 5 areas  
Be safe 
Be healthy 
Have economic well being 
Make a positive contribution 
Enjoy and achieve 
Each student treated as a unique individual 
Look for solutions 
Barriers of individual student challenges, resources and logistics are there to be overcome. 
Educationally inclusive schools are those in which the teaching and learning, achievements, attitudes and well being of every young person matter. This shows by: 
Overall ethos 
Offering new opportunities and experiences 
Not treating all children in the same way 
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